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Help to protect marine life and prevent pollution!

Help me to raise money to protect marine life and prevent from further pollution of the oceans.


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We can thank the oceans for providing half of the oxygen we breathe, giving us a fifth of the animal protein we eat and absorbing about a third of human-created CO2 emissions. Oceans are also a promising source of new medicines. But, strangely, we, humans, continue to carelessly destroy precious marine ecosystems, home to millions of species from the tiniest plankton to enormous blue whales.

Without healthy oceans, our prosperity – our very survival – will be threatened. Currently only about 5% of our oceans are protected with barely 2% strongly protected in effective reserves—places where no one is allowed to extract fish, oil or other resources. This is not enough to avert disaster! Marine scientists recommend strong protection for at least 30% of our oceans to save marine life from extinction. Through our Blue Parks initiative Marine Conservation Institute is building a global ocean refuge system to avert extinction of marine life in the face of unprecedented climate change and human impact.

Help us protect our oceans, saving marine life and ourselves from extinction. Support Blue Parks and protect life on Planet Earth!