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Let's protect the oceans for us and future generations!

Healthy oceans are the means to stabilizing our climate and ensuring a bright future for people and our planet.

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We can thank the oceans for providing half of the oxygen we breathe, giving us a fifth of the animal protein we eat and absorbing about a third of human-created CO2 emissions. Oceans are also a highly promising source of new medicines. But, strangely, we, humans, continue to carelessly destroy precious marine ecosystems, home to millions of species from the tiniest plankton to enormous blue whales.

We're working hard to save our ocean but, with less than 3% of it fully protected today, we have a long way to go. This is not enough to avert disaster! That's why Marine Conservation Institute is fighting every day to establish a network of protected areas to safeguard 30% of our ocean. Our Blue Parks initiative is an innovative program for averting the extinction of marine life in the face of unprecedented climate change and human exploitation.

When you help us fundraise, you'll join a growing team fighting for our oceans! Start your own fundraising page and support Marine Conservation Institute today.

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